Super Shroom Drip


This Hawaiian Macadamia Butter is extra luscious - spiked with our scientifically verified 5-mushroom blend designed to help tone the focus, turn the body electric, and armor the immune system. We like to consume this sweet + savory Drip on local salads, tacos, and Thai food.


Ingredients + Benefits

Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts| +nourish the joints
1:1 Lions Mane Mushroom|  +brain function and detox
1:1 White Jelly Fungus| +boosts collagen production and hydrates the skin microbiome
1:1 Cordyceps| +boosts endurance and supports a healthy libido 
1:1 Chaga Mushroom| +supports digestion and immunity 
1:1 Poria Mushroom| +supports beauty and cools stress-induced inflammation 
Raw Coconut Crystals| +low-glycemic sweetener rich in essential vitamins 
Hawaiian Sea Salt| +mineralizes deeply and supports electrolyte balance

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