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A light, bright, refreshing wellness vinegar. 
We want to give Kombucha a new moment! Bottled and shared in partnership with our friends at Kauai Juice Company, re:light is a catalyst for change. re:light metabolism, re:light digestion, re:light whole body function. A basic staple with hundreds of uses, we are huge fans of vinegar for the multi-functional household.

Splash some re:light into your regimen for a citrusy refresh.


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Kauai Kombucha Vinegar

Let's talk benefits

A liquid, daily gut multivitamin with rejuvenating properties.

Tastes bright, tangy, and sweet

A triplet of acetic acids, Kauai probiotics, and mother cultures clarify digestion and gently detoxify. 

This product is 100% sustainable, turning Kauai Juice Company Kombucha scraps into a healthful food + beverage staple.

Never underestimate the lengths that vinegar can go.

How to use

Fancy up your mocktails, cocktails, or daily elixirs. Infuse with herbs for salad dressings, soak nuts and seeds for salt + vinegar snacks, or add to rice before cooking to keep it from sticking.

Vinegar is a time-tested, science-backed staple for every herbalist, foodie, or health enthusiasts kitchen.

The uses are endless (including household use!)

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This item is shipped in corrugated bubble wrap and other sustainable, biodegradable materials inside of a corrugated cardboard box. For more information on our packaging, click here.

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LAKA is a destination for self-care

Feeling really good should be easy, simple, and repeatable. The most radical habit of all is the simplest one. Drink water. Be nice to people. Eat quality food. Move often.

  • Acetic Acid

    Improved glucose metabolism

  • Active cultures

    Good bacteria grown on Kauai

  • Alkalinity

    One of those acidic foods that help keep you alkaline

  • 1-3 tbsp daily

    Is all you need to refresh, reset, and restore

Pro Tip

The ongoing research of acetic acid found in vinegar and it's relation to improved glucose metabolism makes vinegar an excellent food to combine with high carbohydrate foods.

In Hawaii, theres always rice cooking, cooked, or being eaten!

Add 3-5 tablespoons of re:light to your pot of rice just before done cooking to help your body process that heavy sugar load. This also helps naturally preserve your rice so you can eat off your pot for 1-2 days.

What's a good recipe using re:light?


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