Entrepreneurs Guap

8 oz | 16 servings | Spiked butter | 15 mg CBD oil per serving 


Almond Butter, the Laka Way. The Guap is the penthouse of all Almond Butters out there. This sprouted plant butter is infused with Soul Addict oil to calm inflammation, Adaptogens to support stress relief, and Amino Acids to protect the physical form and muscular system during times of extreme "hustle". Get up and Guap. 
Ingredients + Benefits 
Sprouted Almonds| +activated plant protein rich in healthy fats and minerals 
CBD Oil| +tames inflammation and relaxes the body (15 mg per serving)
Cracked Cell Wall Pine Pollen| +boosts endocrine and immune function 
1:1 Lions Mane Mushroom| +supports healthy brain function
1:1 Cordyceps Mushroom| +boosts endurance and lifts libido 
L-Theanine| +helps to calm, center, and stimulate creativity 
L-Tyrosine| +supports sexual endurance and function 
L-Glutamine| +supports a healthy microbiome and digestion
Vitamin B6| +supports a healthy metabolism and organ function
Tahitian Vanilla| +mild aphrodisiac and neural network nourisher
Hawaiian Sea Salt| +mineralizes deeply and promotes electrolyte balance

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