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Cookie Drip™ Matcha Bundle

Cookie Drip™ Matcha Bundle

Make the creamiest, dreamiest LAKA Matcha™ with this Cookie Drip™ matcha bundle. 

LAKA Matcha™ contains essential daily chlorophyll, L-Theanine, and prebiotic fibers.
Cookie Drip™ contains healthy plant-based fats, essential minerals, and protein. 

Paired together, they take your morning and afternoon habit to new heights. 

Use both in lattes, smoothies, oatmeal, or yogurt. 

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Cashew, Propietary Blend (10:1 dual-extracted Maca, 1:1 extract Cordyceps Militaris, Lucuma, cracked cell Pine Pollen, Psyllium Husk, Raw Hawaiian Honey), Hawaiian Sea Salt, Vanilla Bean.

Let's talk benefits

Formulated with Pine Pollen, Cordyceps, and dual-extracted Maca for dynamic energy support.

Immune-boosting and raw Kauai honey in every bite

Rich in clean plant protein (4g) + fiber (3g) in every serving.

95% of customers noticed less cravings after regular use.

100% raw and stone ground

How to use

Use just like you would a nut butter, just know it's more special.

On fruit, in shakes, or by the spoon.

Return policy

This item can be returned as long as it isn't opened within 7 days of receiving. All returns filed after this window will not be accepted.*


This item is shipped in corrugated bubble wrap and other sustainable, biodegradable materials inside of a corrugated cardboard box. For more information on our packaging, click here.

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LAKA is a destination for self-care

Feeling really good should be easy, simple, and repeatable. The most radical habit of all is the simplest one. Drink water. Be nice to people. Eat quality food. Move often.

  • 120

    calories per serving

  • 4 g

    Protein per serving

  • 3 g

    Fiber per serving

  • 1 tbsp daily

    Is all you need for energy support*


The Drip Story

So where did the Drip come from? And why the Drip?

When I founded the company, there was a lot of grey area. But what I was sure of was that it was going to be easier and more repeatable to encourage individuals to do more of what they were already doing.

The alternative nut butter craze hit when I was in college, and I slowly watched it become a staple in family and friends households. I mean, people were pounding this sh*t, myself included!

When I moved to Kauai in 2015, I was laying down the framework for my business while working 3-4 jobs. I was always on the go, and would be taking my newfound love of herbs in powder and capsule form. But it was so boring...and if I was bored...

I finally had an ah-ha moment and knew that the Drip concept was what was missing from the public. The idea of slow-dripping herbs into the body by slowing down digestion with healthy fat seemed genius to me.

Whip it into something they're already slamming (Americans consume on average 700 million pounds of peanut butter per year! Effing gross!) was just building a new bridge to the same castle. A familiar idea, reinvented. A household staple, upleveled.

Drip Drip

-Liz, founder