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Laka Living

Immunity Matcha Bundle

Immunity Matcha Bundle


This Immunity Matcha Bundle is designed to boost your health with a combination of functional mushrooms and ceremonial-grade matcha. While the Macadamia Butter provides sustainable energy, the 100% matcha green tea powder aids digestion and promotes mental clarity. Enjoy a delicious latte when you blend them together.


This product combo is a team favorite.


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    Macadamias, Propietary Blend (1:1 Chaga (Inonotus obliquus)  mushroom, 1:1 Cordyceps militaris. 1:1 Lions Mane ((Hericium Erinaceus)), 1:1 Tremella fuciformis, 1:1 Poria (Wolfiporia extenda)), Hawaiian Sea Salt, Coconut Crystals.

    Samidori Green Tea Powder

    Let's talk benefits


    Contains L-Theanine, one of the most widely studied nootropic amino acid that has been linked to feelings of focus, concentration, and calm.

    Contains 35 mg of caffeine per serving that, when combined with L-Theanine, was found to enhance attention and any cognitive defecits. Read the full study of L-Theanine and caffeine for ADHD here.

    Contains chlorophyll, a green pigment that acts as an antioxidant, scavening free radicals that have been linked to disruption of cellular metabolism, inflammation, and aging.

    Contains high levels of EGCG (epicallogatechin gallate), a catechin that has been linked to upleveled cardiovascular and metabolic health.


    100% Certified Organic

    Proprietary blend of 5 functional mushrooms designed to target immunity, digestion, and brain function. 

    Bio-actives with anti-inflammatory, anti-aging,  immunity, neuro-protective effects.  

    Chaga for digestive and immune health
    Lions Mane for nootropic brain power
    Poria for digestive health
    Tremella for beauty
    Cordyceps for energy metabolism and strength.
    Macadamias for balanced fatty acids and hormonal health
    Hawaiian Sea Salt for hydration and minerals
    Raw coconut crystals for B vitamins and brain fuel

    How to use

    Sift your matcha through a mesh strainer into your matcha bowl. Whisk 1/2 tsp in 1/4 cup hot (not boiling) water until a green froth forms on top. Add more hot water or steamed milk and sweetener and enjoy.

    Third Party Tested For Purity

    Test results show no detectable radiation. Test results show no detectable levels of heavy metals as it is not a problem in Japan food production. Our farm is a certified eco farm, thus nearly undetectable use of natural repellants is used to protect this particular varietal from disease.

    (a) Lead (Pb)0.04 (± 0.01) mg/kg
    (a) Cadmium (Cd) <0.005 mg/kg
    (a) Arsenic (As)<0.05 mg/kg
    (a) Mercury (Hg)<0.005 mg/kg

    (a) Activity in Cesium 134 <10 Bq/kg
    (a) Activity in Cesium 13 <10 Bq/kg

    (a) Chlorfenapyr 0.13 (± 0.07) mg
    (a) Anthraquinone <0.005 mg/kg

    Laka Mushrooms are 100% USDA certified organic, contain no mycelium, fillers, grains, or fluff, and are third-party tested for active compounds. Our mushrooms used in this formula are all 1:1 extracts.

    Test results show:

    Lions Mane 1:1 >25% Beta-glucans
    Cordyceps Militaris 1:1 >25% Beta-glucans
    Tremella >10% Beta-glucans
    Poria Beta (1>3),(1>6)-glucans
    Chaga >8% Beta-glucans

    Return policy

    All sales final on Shroom Drip. Laka Matcha can be returned under normal return policy (within 7 days of receiving order as long as it is in original packaging.) Thank you for your cooperation!


    This item is shipped in corrugated bubble wrap and other sustainable, biodegradable materials inside of a corrugated cardboard box. For more information on our packaging, click here.


    How do I consume The Coffee Detox? Blend 1 tbsp Shroom Drip™ with 1 tsp prepared LAKA Matcha™ and hot milk/water and sweetener if desired. Consume 1-2x daily.

    Does The Coffee Detox contain caffeine? LAKA Matcha™ contains 35 mg caffeine per 1 g serving, as much as 1 shot of espresso.

    How is coffee caffeine different from the caffeine in matcha? Coffee lacks the amino acid L-Theanine that is found in matcha. L-Theanine buffers the absorption of caffeine into the blood stream, creating a much slower, smoother release into the body. This slowing of absorption also slows the production and transit of cortisol, lessening the jittery effect on the body.

    How long does it take to detox coffee? Every body metabolizes caffeine differently, some slow and some fast. Depending on your metabolism of coffee will alter how long it takes to fully detox from coffee. Most customers find themselves "on the other side" within 3 weeks of no coffee.

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    LAKA is a destination for self-care

    Feeling really good should be easy, simple, and repeatable. The most radical habit of all is the simplest one. Drink water. Be nice to people. Eat quality food. Move often.

    • 35 mg

      Amount of caffeine per serving

    • 0 g

      Amount of sugar per serving

    • Alpha

      Brain waves activated with every cup

    • 176 mg

      Total bioactives per cup of Laka Matcha™


    Theanine Caffeine

    I struggled with focus my entire childhood and early twenties. I eventually developed an addiction to coffee for its concentration benefits. Then I started to develop anxiety from the coffee caffeine and then that led to constant stress on my nervous system and overall lack of inefficiency.

    Since replacing my coffee with Laka Matcha 3-5x weekly, I've been able to enjoy steady concentration, focus, and energy for hours and hours even as a working mom of. I also poop like *the* boss. I feel fit on so many levels.

    I wish all offices, college campuses, and teacher work rooms would throw out their coffee makers."

    -Liz, founder


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