Adaptogenic Cookie Drip

We reworked an indulgent classic and created a leveled-up Adaptogenic Cookie Butter that helps manage stress, balance hormones, and support stamina. This activated blend may* open up the energy centers of the body, nourishing libido and cognitive function - allowing you to go stronger, longer. Grab a spoon and dig in to that Dough.

Cashews| +plant based minerals and protein
1:1 Cordyceps| +supports physical endurance and libido
DE Maca| +supports hormonal balance
Cracked Cell Wall Pine Pollen| +boosts endocrine and immune function
Tahitian Vanilla| +promotes a healthy neural environment
Psyllium Husk| +supports digestive health
MCT powder| +bioavailable beneficiary for fat burn, stamina, and weight loss
Raw Hawaiian Honey| +antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antiviral
Hawaiian Sea Salt| +super-mineral for electrolyte balance and glowing skin
Raw Coconut crystals| +low-glycemic sweetener rich in B vitamins


All ingredients are organic.

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