The LAKA Matcha™ Study 3.0

Welcome to our third LAKA Matcha™ Study! We use these studies to spotlight the effects our cult-favorite LAKA Matcha™ is having on our new and existing customers health. We look at things like beauty, brain, metabolism, sex drive, digestion, and sleep when we're prodding our participants! It's such a great way to not only reset your system, but also fill your body with all the benefits our favorite leaf has to offer. We base our questions and study outline on the enormous amount of research there is on Matcha Green Tea and green tea extract.
We believe LAKA Matcha™ is something special, and a great way to flood your system with nutrients daily without having to give up any medicinal uses caffeine has on the body as well as modulate your hormonal health. 
We're sponsoring 3 participants for this study! Enter a chance to win a 90-serving jar of LAKA Matcha™ and a jar of Shroom Drip™ to help you during the study by signing up for our SMS list. We'll text the 3 winners on December 24th! 
Didn't win? You can still join in on the fun! Join us for 31 days of LAKA Matcha™ and record your results and return them back for a free 25 serving refill pack of LAKA Matcha™. 
Questions to answer and return:
1. How you felt on Day 1, 3, 7, 15, 25, and 31 on study. Notice things like mood, digestion, energy levels, skin, mental health, and focus. 
2. Record a video of your experience and text it back to us! 
3. Share with your community you're joining the study on your social channels and tag @lakaliving. 
Send your results to to qualify for your free item.
See you 1.1.23! 

The LAKA Affiliate Program

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