Who is LAKA? 

In Hawaiian mythology, Laka is the goddess of the forest, fertility, and reproduction and is credited with creating and being the inspiration behind the sacred and energizing hula dance. She is believed to be the light that nourishes all plant life and rules over all forest vegetation.⁠

Laka is told to be both a Goddess and* a God, though we are honoring the goddess here at LAKA HQ. Her vibe, her connection to forest plants as life-giving, dance enhancing, community-healing substances. Her fluid and powerful connection to the completion of the masculine figure. She is all things feminine, she is all things soft and graceful, Laka is all things beauty.

LAKA was born in 2015 on the island of Kauai by Liz Smithers in an effort to bring simplicity to complex, ancestral ingredients that bring about body strength, system clarity, and consciousness. 
After witnessing the profound effects optimum nutrition did for her mental, physical, and spiritual health, Liz became infatuated with the power of plant-based nutrition for continued evolution of body and mind. The LAKA assortment is an elevated food pantry line designed to serve as medicine for movement, restoration, and stress relief.
Now, LAKA is owned and operated by Liz and Kate Smithers. Sisters in business, LAKA remains dedicated to maintaining integrity through sustainable sourcing, packaging, production, and promotion to benefit collective consciousness one pantry at a time.