Considering its been a cold, hard many months since we've published on here, it's with our excitement to share with you our very own Holiday Gift Guide. Edibles, applicators, and wearables that we can't get enough of and truly harmonize your health while protecting the planet. Good products are hard to develop, and these are our favorite brands who are on with what they do. 20 brands, 20 products.

Happy Holidays, and thank you for shopping from small businesses!

1. CAP Beauty O'clocks $110 Really...CAP anything! This particular brand stands firm in our hearts as a long-time favorite who just happen to have been our very first stockist off island years ago. They just have a sense for taste, quality, and modern living. For the time-starved individual, who wants to start tackling their health, gift The O'clocks: a line of Tonic Herbal formulas targeted to support morning, afternoon, and evening. Clever, potent, and effective. Shop The O'clocks and the rest from CAP here.

2. The Fullest Saffron Latte $36 / We have claimed this as the most surprisingly unique and impressive product of the year. Gift happiness this holiday season with the Saffron Latte by THE FULLEST. This soft, floral bevvie acts as an instant mood lifter with impressive, long-term effects when used regularly. Each serving offers 150mgs of freshly ground saffron paired with organic coconut milk powder for optimal absorption. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer for holistic enthusiasts and wellness newbies alike! Shop Saffron Latte here.

Use code SERENDIPITY for 15% off your Saffron Latte order.

3. Wonder Valley Oil Cleanser $65 / We don't do much skincare around here (yet), but we can't get enough of a reallllllly good oil cleanser that almost doubles as both a wash and moisturizer in one. We use this daily, and leave it on as a mask once a week. Wonder Valley takes the health benefits of olive oil to a whole new level, and educate the masses on the many uses beyond cooking olive oil has. 

"With an opulent golden hue and the warm scent of honeysuckle, this gentle antioxidant-rich facial cleanser leaves skin feeling luminous." Shop The Oil Cleanser here. 

4. ON&ON Frankincense Hand and Body Wash  $24 / If anyone knows how to create the most luxurious wash of 2020, it is On&On. This wash contains ethically sourced ingredients like aloe vera, kelp, rosemary, and frankincense that lather onto your skin and help "cleanse the space". Gift this Kauai-based beauty mecca's wash here.

5. ONDA Hemp Immunity Infusion $48 /  Hands down the only CBD we use and trust to follow regenerative, conscious practices while farming and processing their plants. Our partnership with ONDA CBD in our Entrepreneurs Guap (RIP!) threw us head over heels in love with the values and potency of ONDA. This oil, in particular, is perfect for building immunity and calming inflammation. Take a double dose for the deepest sleep you can find. Gift Immunity here.

6. Meli Wraps  $7 / Plastic is out. Sustainable solutions are in. Kauai-based Meli Wraps is a conscious-mom owned company rooted in planetary respect.  We use these beeswax fresh seals for everything, and they can be easily cut to be adjusted in size for your various needs. Gift sustainably here. 

7. Kauai Juice Co Smoked Sauce $10 / Hot sauce, and sauces in general, are the best holiday gift for both men and women. We keep Kauai Juice Co sauce on deck in our homes, and love adding their sauces fermented using Kauai ingredients from everything to eggs, to burritos, to bloody mary's. Get their sauce here.

8. LAKA Laka Kake $30 / Condiments for the win when you're stuck finding the perfect gift for someone. We've concluded that Laka Kake is an extremely gift-worthy go-to that has a long shelf life, is allergen free, and provides essential Omegas in every serving (we could all use a little healthy fat neural support these days). Add this Adaptogenic Furikake seasoning to omelettes, avocado toast, broths, or fish/meat marinades for a sprinkle of daily greens. Gift this here.

9. Rainbo Forest Juice $31 / What makes a brand's products more appreciated? When the founder is authentically an incredible human. Tonya, the founder of Canada-based Mushroom company, brings so much light to the wellness space with both her spirit and her incredible products she has formulated to target immunity, brain power, and beauty. She is mushroom queen, and her medicinal maple syrup is infused with potent mushrooms so you can pour immunity and protection on every stack of pancakes you find yourself enjoying this holiday season. We LOVE Rainbo!!!! Gift the maple syrup here.

10. Dark Horse Organic Pickled Mustard $15 / This mecca of unique, ancestrals made modern are designed by chef and owner Greg. Their products have such a home-cooked appeal that most brands aim and aspire to achieve, but is super hard to nail. We love adding their pickled mustard seed to bruschetta, dips, and bagels. The mustard seeds are sweet but balanced from the slow pickling in wildflower honey and apple cider vinegar. They suggest adding to cheese, charcuterie, and salad. Gift mustard seeds here.

11. NANIN Twill scrunchies $24 / Our founder first discovered this sustainability focused brand in their early vintage-only days while living in Richmond. NANIN has grown to be a elegant, yet modern approach to draping and dressing yourself in comfy basics that can pass for both casual and stylish. Aside from their sweatpants, everyone loves a good scrunchie. Scrunchie, but make it cool. Their twill scrunchie comes in both white and black and doesn't tug on the tresses to the point of breakage. Gift the scrunchie here.

12. ION Gut Health by Dr. Zach Bush $69.95 / Gifting for gut health is expected to be very popular this year as our global population zero's in on protecting their immunity. Dr. Zach Bush is a Glyphosate activist (against not for!) and endocrinological mastermind who designed this mineral supplement to help heal the gut junctions that may have been destroyed by stressor, such as gluten and Glyphosate. We noticed a significant improvement in our bowel movements and overall satiety after 2 weeks of regular use of ION Gut Health. It can easily be added to water or juice and is tasteless! Huge plus. Gift gut health here to start mending your immune systems core. Also, we think Dr. Bush is hot and smart.

13. TOBE Magnetic Unblocked Money workshop $68 / Got a minimalist loved one who doesn't want any more "things". Gift them a transformative 12-week workshop that teaches them how to call wealth in. We turn to master manifestation guide Lacy Phillips and team when we're feeling stuck on...anything. Her podcast is a great appetizer for the quality of service you can expect from her work. Teaching a loved one who is stuck on the energetics of money on how to magnetize wealth and heal their relationship with money is literally the definition of a gift that keeps on giving. Gift money intelligence here.

14. Poppy Undies in Strawberry $55 / When model, LAKA customer, and artist Emily Labowe launched her panty line, we knew we had to include her in the gift guide. There are never enough panties! Poppy Undies are made in LA, feature a high cut french style panty that elongates the leg, and made with high quality cotton. We've been sitting at home a lot this year, underwear vibes are a thing. Gift the panties here.

15. Kim Anami Vaginal Kung Fu Salon $299 / More than just a Yoni egg! This salon includes a yoni egg with added weights to help strengthen your vaginal floor enough that you can start...lifting stuff! Kim Anami is a holistic sex coach who has rocked our world with insight into just how powerful a strong vagina is for sex, wealth, and happiness. "Strengthen, tone and increase your orgasmic potential with the most effective pelvic floor work out on the planet. Jade eggs work physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually to reconnect you with your vagina, your sexual energy and your feminine flow." Each kit comes with crystal weights, silk strands, a yoni egg, and a full online course that teaches you how to build a strong vagina. Our founder used this during and after pregnancy to tone and tighten her yoni. Gift vaginal strength here.

16. Soul Soupe Forever Soulful Hat $68 / These are so much better than your typical bucket hat! All handmade by local Kauai artist and doula, Courtney King. Using up-cycled material, these vintage-made-new hats are the perfect addition to your holiday travel bag, sun-filled afternoon walks, or as a statement piece. Only available via custom order through Soul Soupe's instagram handle here

17. Beatrice Valenzuela Sandalia $256 / If you're looking for a timeless sandal that lasts a lifetime and comes in pretty much any color your heart desires, look no further. We had these on our wishlist for about a year until settling on dreamy blue.  Wear them to the beach, the market, and date night - these leather sandals are designed and ethically manufactured in Los Angeles. Gift these to a special someone or yourself here.

18. Our Place Always Pan $145 This may be the most advertised pan in all of history, but for good reason. We cringe when we have to cook in anything besides this very pan. It is the easiest pan to clean, is made with non-toxic coatings, and is the perfect size for any meal - big or small. Join the waitlist and gift this here.

19. Bubble Goods Hella Butter $27 / Hella good for you. Hella tasty. Hella needed after this year. Basically, like Nutella, but healthy. Bubble Goods own and operate an e-commerce "Health Food Paradise", and are the only home that Hella lives in. Formulated with just 3 ingredients, we suggest eating right out of the jar and tripling your order. This product doesn't stay in stock long! Gift Hella here.

20. Eternal Apothic Coco Roro Nectar $85 / Designed in Humbolt County, this up and coming beauty brand has the most decadent mask for your face and body. A combination of wild honey, cacao, rose, and pomegranate leave your face feeling silky and smooth and deeply nourished. Gift this here.