Laka Living is a company dedicated to reprogramming modern consciousness through the uptake of food as medicine, daily movement, and a lifestyle rich in introspection. Result are driven by repetition and intention. We pour the energy of the island into each and every product for maximum transmission of source. 
The company was founded and operated by Liz Smithers in an attempt to help improve internal communication and help others wake up to their own individual needs. After hitting rock bottom with drugs, starvation, and depression in her early twenties, Liz used Ashtanga Yoga + a plant-based whole-foods approach to wring out toxicity and reprogram her setting. Her intention is to create a company, a source, that helps percolate higher body intelligence through a life of wellness. 
Laka Living is HQ on the island of Kauai, where the power of Nature is a constant reminder of where power comes from.