Adaptogens are a category of herbs that act like a thermostat for your body, brain, and conscious mind. They modulate functioning, up-leveling what you need more of and down-leveling what you need less of in order to function optimally - thus reducing added stress on your system. 

Adaptogenic Herbs are naturally found in harsh climate conditions, adding to their strength and power as ally's in Wellness.

Adaptogens work within the Endocrine system, primarily the HPA axis, to regulate hormones (like cortisol) + signals necessary for whole-body-brain equilibrium. The HPA axis an inner feedback loop that's main job is to send information in the form of hormones (signals) to and from the brain and body to better achieve whole-system balance. 

The Modern World is plagued with a stress epidemic. Chronic stress can lead to chronic diseases of the brain, body, and consciousness - such as digestive issues, degenerative brain conditions, mental illness, obesity, and heart disease. Incorporating Adaptogenic Herbs into your daily-everything helps to support the shift towards stress-management. 

We suggest consuming your Adaptogens in accordance with your body's natural cortisol rhythms so that the plants can develop an association to this critical hormone that is being excessively secreted. Always in the morning (when your cortisol is highest), optional throughout the day, and in the early evening for added support. 

You! You should consume Adaptogenic Herbs daily to keep up with the energetic pace of the Modern World. Adaptogens as a replacement for that ritualistic, morning cup of orange juice*.