We source high-quality, organic ingredients locally and around the world to bring you powerful pantry staples. Our adaptogens are lab-tested, wildcrafted, and highly bioavailable. They are free of fillers, mycelium, starch, grain, yeast, mold, heavy metals, and other compounds that degrade the power of the plant as well as the human system. 

The bioavailability of foods is important to us. Many health-promoting plant foods require activation + optimization in order to provide power. We slow press all of our tonic drips using the stone grinding method for up to 24 hours. This slow extraction of natural oils within the nuts allows the butter to develop shelf stability as well as percolate nutrients found deep within. 
The spirit + elements of the island are in constant motion. We use this impermanence as jet fuel to curate products that help improve the adaptability of all systems. Rain, wind, or shine. Maintaining consciousness amidst changing tides means your methods are manifesting. Adapt, or be adapted. 
Our signature line of Tonic Drips are a convenient, absorbable way to get your daily adaptogens in. Sugar and fat are wonderful carriers of nutrients into the bloodstream, tissues, and joints. Our Tonic Drips are a low-glycemic option for enhancing the whole system utilizing rich plant fats. 
At Laka Living, we make sure to cycle in a balanced foray of bliss-boosters through movement, meditation infusion, eating the earth, and connection to the water. 
Dynamic, daily movement nourishes the fascial tissue and challenges the efficacy of our own personal bliss equation. Whether everything else you're doing in your life is working for you is entirely dependent on your ability to physically perform. Catch + release the positives. 
To sit in silence is not the only way. We carry our meditation out the door and infuse it into everything from talking to strangers to chopping our food. Watching how you do everything, and how everything responds to your "doing" is a glimpse of meditation in itself. Become limitless with your definition of meditation. 
The Laka Living food pyramid is a delicate dance of rich plant fats, adaptogenic herbs, bioavailable superfoods, local Hawaiian fruits + vegetables, good wine, lots of water, and smart animal foods. 
A daily rinse + soak to extract toxicity and wash away the to-do lists! 


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