The Preggo Bundle


  • Growing a baby is tough. Growing and carrying a baby takes even more work and the best nutrients around. 
  • Add these 2 plant-based condiments to your prenatal routine to grow a strong, adapted baby.
  • Contains alkalizing sources of caffeine with only 15-20 mg per cup.
  • Contains digestion friendly compounds that keep you regular, as you grow.
  • Contains Adaptogens like Reishi and Chaga, that support healthy immunity as cells, tissues, and joints change. 
  • Theobromine is a bitter alkaloid compound that can be used as an adjunct to any mood-balancing, spirit lifting routine. It's important to stay happy when you're pregnant! 
  • Enjoy 1 month supply of Laka Matcha and a 2 week supply of Chocolate Chaga Protein in this bundle.

*Please consult with your healthcare practitioner before consuming or adding in any herbal compounds to your prenatal routine.

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