Laka Kake



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30 day supply

  • 100% plant-based seaweed seasoning free of preservatives, MSG, and refined sugar.

  • Rich in brain protecting DHA, cleansing micro-minerals, and immune boosting Beta-glucans.

  • Contains L-Tyrosine, an amino acid necessary for regulating metabolism.

  • Contains chlorophyll-rich seaweeds, earthy sesame seeds, and nootropic mushrooms.

  • 84% of customers noticed an increase in mental clarity after two weeks.

  • Add to popcorn, salad, and fried rice.

Ingredients: Sea Lettuce, Wakame, Nori, Sesame, 1:1 Lions Mane Mushroom, 1:1 Cordyceps Mushroom, Coconut Sugar, Love.

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