Chocolate Pearl Drip


8 oz


Sedate the heart, uplift the mood, and clear the liver with this dreamy Coconut Chocolate spread rich in antioxidants, minerals, and amino acids that support beauty and longevity. Get your daily dose of Raw, Organic Dark Chocolate in with only a spoon.  

Ingredients + Benefits 
Macadamias| +plant-based source of protein and minerals 
Coconut| +cooling healthy fat that supports weight loss and skin nourishment
Raw Cacao| +boosts feel-good hormones like seretonin to stimulate the mood and fire up digestion
Pearl| +all-over skin healer for brightened complexion, collagen production, and even skin tone 
MSM| +enhances joint flexibility and fascia detoxification 
Hawaiian Sea Salt| +electrolyte balance and hydration boost


 All ingredients are organic. 




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