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Score the full Gamma of Eating The Earth and get your modern pantry game on. Five adaptogenic and plant-based Drips you can add to everything to up the ante and take control of your stress (before it takes control of you.) A simple twist on ancient Medicine - modernized and way more convenient.
Adaptogens are a class of herbs that help the body handle stress. Please encourage low-stress practices in all realms of your lifestyle to help enhance the work of these plants. Adaptogens go to work on you better when you go to work on you better. 
This box includes a 4 oz size of:
Super Shroom Drip 
Adaptogenic Cookie Drip 
Chocolate Pearl Drip 
Tahini C Drip
Entrepreneurs Guap
Add to pizza, salads, tacos, parfaits, pancakes, shakes,  stir-fry's and sandwiches. Let your creativity in the kitchen go wild or don't and add to your favorite take out to bring your rituals from home to every dish eaten out. Eat The Earth and enjoy the ride.  

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