Drink too much Wine? Drink this mushroom to de-mess your liver.

Drink too much Wine? Drink this mushroom to de-mess your liver.

June 27, 2019 0 Comments

Feel like a mess this Thursday? Wine Wednesday is a glorious, real thing. We completely encourage high-quality Vino sipping, especially when it's from companies like Fit Vine and Dry Farm Wines. Because, if you're going to drink - it's important to choose the highest quality grapes just as you would your morning cup of coffee....or...what kind of eggs you buy. 

But, what happens when you wake up Thursday morning from a glorified* Wine Wednesday session? And you're a total mess. And you can literally* feel your organs stressing out. 

Drink Reishi mushroom. 

Our liver is our detox organ and is responsible for maintaining our vitality levels. A taxed liver is a recipe for rapid, rapid aging. So if cutting back your glass just isn't in the cards quite yet, opt for Reishi Mushroom as your morning RX. As an adaptogen, Reishi Mushroom helps reduce stress placed on your vital organs (like your liver), acting like a hose that flushes nutrients through and waste out. Our body, more specifically our organs, work at their optimum when in a state of low-stress. The International Journal of Mushrooms found that Reishi mushrooms contain hepatoprotective antioxidant functions that help to eliminate or reduce afflictions that may slow down liver function. 

Reishi is one of our favorites here at LAKA, but it can have a slightly bitter taste. This is good, though, because you shouldn't be able to eat it without tasting bitterness - this indicates potency. Find this powerful Wine Wednesday cure in our Chocolate Chaga Protein . 

This powerful fitness powder can be used to boost your morning shake or added to pancakes if the damage is bad and you must* go that route. Get creative, and get smart with your RX.