What 50% zero waste looks like

What 50% zero waste looks like

July 16, 2019 0 Comments


This is what steps to 50% zero waste look like. 

We are in the full throes of ‘plastic-free July’. Here in Hawaii we are planning beach cleanups and giving kudos to all the businesses making changes in recent years to move towards a smaller footprint and help save the world (literally). Now, we know it’s not freaking easy to change, as old habits die hard. But just like our functional + accessible ways for you to get Adapted through food we want you to adapt yourself to being more green + feeling good about you doing you for the planet. 


  1. Don’t go out and buy a bunch of shit. A lot of businesses are creating the ‘halo effect’ of having zero waste products, but this isn’t the real zero waste mindset. To start your journey, don’t make new purchases. Most of what you have for waste + especially plastic reduction is already in your cabinet. All you really need to get started are glass jars (LAKA jars too!), a ton of good dish-towels + some mindfulness.
  2. Try to think like grandma (and great grandma) – How did they live without the modern conveniences of plastic, to go cups, etc? They wasted nothing, wrapped everything in dishtowels, or newspaper or whatever was handy and ate a lot together + at home. There was no pre-made single serving guacamole that they had to have at the store. Be the weirdo carrying to-go containers + dishtowels in your purse - we promise it is going to be cool soon
  3. Buy Fresh, Buy local. We can say this about any + everything. Fresh vibes, no stickers, no packaging.
  4. Make a weekly trash jar to pinpoint where your waste is coming from. This might fill up quickly (in one day, or an hour) or maybe it takes you all week. This will help you to highlight where most of your true waste is coming from (non compostable, non recyclable and unable to be re-used). Once you have identified these you can start working your way towards elimination of this waste!
  5. Share with your friends – A lot of zero waste mentality goes hand in hand with strong community ties. Next time you ‘need’ some item that you probably won’t ever use again, try to think of who might have it that you can borrow– then you can return the favor. We know it’s hard when your phone is listening to you + starts instagramming you ads about that special something - but be strong and find a solution on your own, outside of the consumerist world!
  6. Make food scrap bottles – here on Kaua’i we have compost piles in the yard to feed the garden. If this isn’t an option, the best way to eliminate the need for plastic trash bags is by removing organic waste from your bin. Have one jar that you save citrus peels in that you can later use to make counter spray and another jar with food scraps that can be used for veggie stock. Keep these jars/bottles in your freezer and once they are full it’s time to use them!

Be sure to check our Laka Summer Reading List for other waste reduction reads + inspiration!

Now get out there and start saving + scrapping + re-using like a grandma