Sweat like LAKA: Liz's 20 minute HIIT workout

Sweat like LAKA: Liz's 20 minute HIIT workout

June 25, 2019 0 Comments

As part of our Adaptogenic Fitness campaign with Free People, we chatted with some of our favorite wellness warriors about their favorite forms of fuel for fitness, work, love, and life. Read on for how adaptogens have changed their lives (and workout routines), along with some of their tips and tricks on the most delicious way to sneak them into your daily routine.

Want to know how our founder, Liz, keeps her sweat on when she can't make it to a class? Try this simple 20 minute workout followed by 5 mins of Yoga to feel good on the days when you 'just can't'. 

What you'll need: Yoga Mat, Ankle weights, medicine ball, sneakers. 


I feel an organic desire to tone it down since being pregnant. With each trimester, not only does it get physically limiting to do most HIIT but my body isn’t in beast mode right now. That being said, I have shifted my output from 5-6 days a week of HIIT/Running/Ashtanga Yoga to HIIT 1X a week, daily walking, and the rest of the time whatever degree of my Yoga Practice I feel called to. Most days it feels good to just get my heart rate up in some way and stretch out my body - especially first thing in the morning when the belly is still small and manageable!


If I am not making it to a class, here’s my at-home HIIT workout.


20-30 minute jog (Walk if you’re pregnant)


Followed by 4 rounds of
1 min jumping jacks 
30 sec high knees
10 jump squats
10 squats
10 lunge kicks
10 burpees


Followed by 3 rounds of
20 shoulder taps 
20 plank knee to chest circles
10 knee to elbow cranks
8 chatarunga pushups (knees down optional)
8 medicine ball pushups
15 tricep dips


Followed by 2 rounds of…(optional ankle weighted!)

20 donkey kicks 
20 donkey pulses
20 straight leg pulses  
20 straight leg rainbows
20 fire hydrants
15 fire hydrant pulses
15 fire hydrant to straight leg


End with 1 round of….

10 breaths in down dog
10 breaths high lunge (R)
10 breaths warrior 1

10 breaths warrior 2
Three-legged dog to optional wild thing
Pigeon pose

Repeat on left to complete other side.*