Transform, Transmute, and Spiritualize your body: Shatavari for Summer Sex + Gut Health

Transform, Transmute, and Spiritualize your body: Shatavari for Summer Sex + Gut Health

June 03, 2019 0 Comments




A woman with a balanced hormonal system is a force to be reckoned with. Shatavari is an adaptogenic herb - one that balances mentally, physically, and emotionally - that takes favor over women especially. Mainly used to treat reproductive issues, Shatavari (Satavar) is Indian Queen when it comes to assessing any kind of stress-induced hormonal imbalance. 

Some common signs that you have a hormonal imbalance include waking up tired even after a long night of sleep, weight gain, menstrual cycle imbalances, unexplained breakouts, and extremely low libido. 
Let's take that last bit here - and dive deeper. A ton of our clients come to us with low levels of libido - an immediate sign that yes, the hormonal system is out of whack, but so is the spirit. The spirit energy is connected to the sexual energy and if you don't feel any activation sexually but you want to* or it is unintentional celibacy, this could mean that your hormones are under or over-firing. 
Between driving blood to the clitoris, improving lubrication of your Southern Shores, and boosting neurotransmitters like dopamine + serotonin + endorphins, Shatavari Root could be your ally for  Summer Sex. 
When our sexual centers are functioning, active, and healthy we are able to transmute energies up the inner channels and help open up higher chakras and levels of thought/awareness within the body. In simpler, normal human terms, healthy sexual function can help us navigate life in a state of presence and proficiency. 
Who feels sexy when they're bloated and clearly not* empty*? Next to no one. It is chemically impossible for our body (gut) to send the right messages to the brain to release feel good hormones that make us feel on top (pun intended) when we are all backed up. 
Shatavari happens to be a top-shelf gut cleanser, with the ability to stimulate digestive enzymes like Lipase + Amylase that enhance elimination and help prevent bloating. This is one of the reasons why we chose to inject Tahini C with Shatavari - lipase helps to digest the fats (sesame seeds) and Amylase helps to digest the natural occurring carbohydrates in the seeds, Vitamin C, and Shatavari itself. 
Don't have a problem with digestion, just elimination? Shatavari induces gastric emptying, so you can drop your plant-based poo* off at the SuperFoods bowl and call it a day.
Use Shatavari in your next gut-cleansing week or month and reap the benefits of this hormone-balancing, sex spiking, digestive friendly herb.