MEN ON MATCHA: Q + A with Clarke Andros

MEN ON MATCHA: Q + A with Clarke Andros

April 24, 2019 0 Comments

MEN ON MATCHA: Q + A with Clarke Andros

What better way to love your man than to get him on the same caliber of Wellness you are practicing? We love first-time Laka Matcha drinkers and were lucky enough to capture Sad Gal Records Clarke Andros' initial reaction in written format. 

What was it like?

I was really surprised because a lot of matcha I have tried I haven’t liked. This matcha was super smooth and not bitter at all. I was screaming expletives with my first sip. 
I was also really surprised by the boost I got; I felt energized without feeling jittery or anxious which I can get with coffee. I really haven’t been this satisfied since the Obama administration. 

How did you prepare it?

Laka Matcha + Laka Tahini + pink Himalayan sea salt + honey from mom’s bees + water + a splash of hemp milk 

How long did the high last?

2 hours

Was it worth it?

YES I am so excited to replace coffee, seriously. 

Laka Matcha makes me feel...

Energized, heightened, like I am a matcha matcha man (sang to the tune of macho man) .



Clarke is a creative genius and you can find his music and work here.