[Spring] Clean Body, Mind + Soul

[Spring] Clean Body, Mind + Soul

April 24, 2019 0 Comments

Spring cleaning is not a trend started by wellness mavens looking to shed a few pounds before beach season. In fact, this tradition of getting rid of any emotional, physical, or mental layers you may have added during the winter months is something that has been practiced for centuries in cultures around the world (from Iran to Israel to China). Our bodies are tied to the seasons, and during cooler, darker weeks, they start to produce more melatonin, making us sleepier, less motivated, and, well….just plain lazier. As the temps finally rise and those sun rays start seeping into our skin, our bodies produce less and less of this sleepy hormone, and we start to wake up, stretch out those aches and pains, and get ready physically, mentally, and emotionally, to take on the coming months.

We get ready to move, sweat, de-clutter, detox, and soak up all of the vibrant energy the spring and summer have to offer.

Ready to strip away those stagnant winter months? Read on for our top 5 tips on cleansing yourself this spring season, body, mind + soul.

1. Eat local

When you eat locally, you are automatically eating in sync with the seasons and what your body biologically craves at each time of year. In the spring, this will likely mean lots of sprouts, leafy greens, fresh fruit vegetables - all foods that will help boost your body’s natural cleansing abilities. No need to jump on a 5 day juice cleanse or give up sugar altogether. Simply start to swap heavier, starchier cooked foods for organic, locally grown, raw fruits and veggies that mama earth is sending your way.


2. Sweat baby sweat

Walk, run, yoga, dance, spin. Honor whatever ways your body wants to move in order to boost your metabolism, eliminate toxins through your sweat glands, and get the lymphatic system pumping. Need some help jump-starting a spring fitness routines? Start eating adaptogens!. Consuming adaptogens on a daily basis is one of the best ways to energize your body, improve oxygenation, and speed up recovery - three things that will get your body moving and heart pumping in no time.


3. Give your space some love

You don’t have to roll up your sleeves and scrub every corner of your home (although that will certainly help!), but chances are your space held you a lot these past few months, and deserves a fresh start of its own. Move some furniture around to shake things up, give away clothes or decor to remove any stubborn clutter, and cleanse the stagnant energy with a brand new sage stick. Keep an intention for the next few months close to your heart and top of mind while you sage the space, placing close attention to the windows and doorways, and giving yourself a blank slate from which to create.


4. Help your body adapt

Adaptogens don’t have the word “adapt” in them by chance. They are naturally-occurring substances that help regulate (read: adapt) your major hormonal and physiological systems, so that your body can run optimally. When your body is in a place where it can do its job without the constant intrusion of outside stressors, you will experience things like improved digestion, boosted immunity, clear skin, buzzing energy, magnetic moods, and a zest for life that is so contagious you will soon find yourself swimming in a sea of abundance.


5. Worship the sun

It's no coincidence the sun is starting to rise earlier, set later, and shine brighter. The sun comes out with a vengeance at this time of year to bring extra nutrients to the earth, the harvest, and your beautiful body. When you spend time outside with the sun's rays soaking into your skin, your body starts to naturally produce both serotonin and melatonin, the two hormones responsible for helping you feel happier, have more energy and focus, and sleep better. On other words, when your hormones are healthy, you are healthy and sunlight is one of the best ways to keep that system running smoothly.