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We were honored to learn how Maya Block, Director Of Brand Content And Partnerships at Orgasmic Meditation (OM), tapped into the source after dropping into a daily  “OM” practice for a almost a decade now. Even though her first time, she felt nothing. She studies, teaches, and creates branded content that essentially helps catalyze a deep connection to our own bodies. Her medium? Orgasmic Meditation.

What is it?

Orgasmic Meditation is a practice that teaches us how to connect and actually be in our bodies, no matter what is under the surface. It is a partner practice aimed to lift feeling. To keep it simple, your male partner strokes the clitoris for a total of 15 minutes, without the goal of climax. OM helps to really explore the entire human experience.

What was your first OM like?

The first time I tried OM , I felt nothing! Absolutely nothing! OM helps to really explore the entire human experience. I have been doing it for 9 years, traveling around the world and watching the practice evolve.

Best tips for beginners?

Remember, the definition of orgasm is different for everyone. This is radical in our approach to our intimate lives. It isn’t about goal-oriented, its more about fluidity and experiential and can have many different peaks and valleys. Climax MAY be part of that, but when you can’t force yourself to do something because that isn’t how the body works! Going from a GOAL, and going to simply feeling everything in every moment is the new moonshot. Feeling more feeling and more flavors* This is where it starts.

Any foods you suggest to enhance the effects of effective OM?

I don’t prescribe foods for anything. When you begin to OM, when you begin to turn that sensing part of you on, people’s relationship to food radically changes because your whole relationship to your hunger changes. People that eat unconsciously may start to feel how those foods make their body feel, so in turn they refine their food. And people that restrict or undereat, they start to eat more abundantly as the desire to have hunger opens. If you turn your body on, it will tell you what it wants.

When do you see results?

It will vary for absolutely everyone. It takes a little bit to turn these intimate muscles on. It can deepen over years, within the first week and beyond based on regularity.


Thank you, Maya! Follow @orgasmic_meditation and visit their here for more information.