Tara Sowlaty for Adaptogenic Fitness

Tara Sowlaty for Adaptogenic Fitness

June 19, 2019 0 Comments

As part of our Adaptogenic Fitness campaign with Free People, we chatted with some of our favorite wellness warriors about their favorite forms of fuel for fitness, work, love, and life. Read on for how adaptogens have changed their lives (and workout routines), along with some of their tips and tricks on the most delicious ways to sneak them into your daily routine.

Adaptogenic Fitness with Tara Sowlaty 

Why do you workout?

I workout for so many reasons. For my mental sanity, physical body, and for longevity of health. It’s so important to me and a big part of my routine.

What's your fitness routine look like these days?

I walk daily with my dog, and I love Hot Pilates class!

What's your go-to snack before a workout?

I love nuts and seeds! I eat a lot of healthy fats throughout the day and I feel like it gives me the fuel I need to workout.

What's your go-to snack after a workout?

Water - I’m not really hungry after I workout.

What adaptogen do you consume daily?

I love adaptogens but don’t consume them on the dot on everyday, they are in some of the broths that I love, nut butters, and chocolates that I eat. I love ashwaganda, reishi, pearl, and cordyceps.

Favorite way to sneak adaptogens into your daily diet?

Chocolate, nut butters, honey, and broth!

Biggest difference you notice when you workout?

Honestly I notice an overall glow - I’m happier from the inside out.

Biggest difference you've noticed from consuming adaptogens (in love, fitness, and self care)?

From mood boosting elements, to immunity support, to better skin, adaptogens are magical potions of the earth and I find them a lovely part of my self-care routine.